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Can I Add a Deadbolt On My Door?

Absolutely yes! In order to add a new deadbolt on your door, we can drill a new hole. We are also aligning the bolt with the door frame.

Can You Service Mail Box Lock?

We definitely does! Our locksmith come out to your home in order to match lock that fits your mail box.

Do I need to Re-key The Locks of My New Home?

Yes, of course! We highly recommend to re-key all the locks in your new home. In other words,  you can never know how many people has the keys to your new home.

Do You Provide Emergency Locksmith Service?

Yes, of course! In addition to our locksmith services, we also provide round the clock emergency locksmith services. With this in mind, we can unlock doors as well as replacing keys, and repairing security hardware.

How Can I Pay For Your Service?

We accept all form of payments such as cash, credit cards, and checks.

How Late Are You Open?

We never close! We are working 24 hours, 7 days a week, as well as weekends and holidays.

I Locked My Keys In My Car. Is My Car Insurance Cover The Cost?

Of course, but you must have roadside assistance on your car insurance policy. In this case, your insurance definitely covers the cost.

I’m Renting an Apartment. Should I Rekey The Locks?

Absolutely yes! First thing to ask yourself is if you know when was the last time you have change or re-key the locks on your doors?  When you don’t know that answer, you and your property are at a potentially a risk. For this reason, and in order to keep your safety, you might replace or re-key your locks.

Is My Lock Can Be Picked?

Yes! In most cases, we can pick almost every residential lock with a proper training and professional tools. In other words, we can unlock almost every door.

Is There Any Difference Between Re-key & Master Key?

Re-keying means adjusting the tumblers in an existing lock so that only new keys can open it.

Master Key

Master keying enables two different and distinct keys to open one lock.

My Key Does Not Insert or Withdraw Easily or It Has Difficulty Turning.

First of all, spray the lock with oil lubricant such as WD-40 in effect to make it smooth. From time to time, you need to repeat that procedure. Spray the oil into the keyhole and onto the bolt mechanism.

My Wife Want to Save Money. Can I Buy Lock at The Home Center And Do It Myself?

It is important to realize that the locks at the home center are low quality and easy to break. The question you have to ask yourself is what is your time really worth?

Should All My House Locks Operate On The Same Key?

Yes, all your locks should be working on the same key. This is more comfortable and also prevents a case of a house lock out by misplacing keys.

Should I Put High Security Locks On My Home Or Business Doors?

Yes, in order to keep your property and your assets secured, not to mention your family or your staff safe. We recommended to install high security locks.

The Lock Doesn’t Locking And Unlock Smoothly.

To begin troubleshooting your lock operation, check to see if the lock operates smoothly with the door open. If it does, the problem is not with your lock, but rather in the alignment of the door and frame.
You can also check the door and frame for twists and warps. You should see the door completely rest against the door stop and stay there. Furthermore, If you have weatherstrip on the door, it could be obstructing the path of the door. Keep in mind, wooden doors and frames will warp and swell with temperature and humidity, and metal doors and frames will twist and rust with age.

What is a Bump Key?

Bump key is a key made with special cuts. When forced in a certain way into a lock they, its energy can open most cylinders.

When Do I Need to Replace The Locks of My House ?

We highly recommend to change your house or business locks whenever the locks start to have issues and problems. A professional locksmith can install new locks properly.

Where Can I Buy Lock Picking Tools?

You can not buy or carry lock picking tools. Lock picking tools are illegal to sell or possess burglary tools in most states. As a matter of fact, only a licensed locksmith is able to carry lock picking tools.

Why My Key Don’t Open The Lock Smoothly?

Using your key for long time can cause wear and tear to the lock or the key. Furthermore, making copy of a key out of another copy causing to tiny differences on the cuts of the key.

Why Should I Use a Professional Locksmith?

Because you want to insure that you get it right. For this reason, a professional locksmith bring experience and fund of knowledge in lock, key & security problems.

Please read the most common questions on our FAQS page to find your answer. You can also call us (484) 541-5676 or send us an email.

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